Rosé 2010

Cabernet Franc Reserva 2007

Of an intense granate red color. Delicate aroma in which mature red fruits, mint, caramel and vanilla blend. In the mouth it has an velveted entrance and good structure with soft tannins. Lingering finish, with aftertaste of chocolate and tobacco.

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The careful management of the vineyard following the best agricultural practices, along with low yields per plant, made it possible to produce high quality grapes for this wine.

After being hand harvested in small boxes, the grapes were lightly crushed and underwent cold maceration for two days. Fermentation then took place in stainless steel vats at controlled temperatures. The optimum ripeness achieved in the vineyard enabled the wine to be kept in contact with the skins for twenty days once the alcoholic fermentation had finished.

Aging took place in new and second use French oak barrels for 12 months.

It was bottled so as to fully preserve its attributes. Therefore, natural sediments may be found.

Merlot Reserva 2007

Of an intense granate color. Fruity aroma; prunes with vanilla and tobacco notes ariseing from oak that are fully integrated to the fruit.
In the mouth it is rounded and structured. Very pleasant volume. Harmonious and with persistent aftertaste.


The vineyard was managed following carefully best agricultural practicies and yield was below one kilo per plant.
In march the grapes were manually harvested and put in small boxes of 15 kilos.
After two days of cold maceration the grapes were crashed gently and fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature and with daily pumping over to reach the intended extraction. The wine then staid for twenty days in contact with the skins.
Aging was done in French oak barrels during 12 months.
To preserve its qualities it was lightly filtered and bottled without stabilizing.

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Tannat Merlot Cabernet Franc 2008

With a lively red colour. It has an elegant aroma of red fruts (strawberries and raspberries) and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth it feels soft and fresh, with mature tanning that provide roundness and equilibrium. Delicate ending, yet persistent.


Each variety was harvested at its optimum maturity stage. Grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. During fermentation pumping overs were perfomed daily to improve extraction.
The blend was made and after six months it was bottled without stabilization and lightly filtered.

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Tannat Viognier 2008

Of a deep violet red color. Intense and complex aroma, in which red fruits, spices and wild flowers blend, over an elegant base of vanilla
In the mouth it has a soft and pleasant entrance. Good structure and lingering finish.


The vines were managed very carefully and with very low yield, achievieng an excellent contentration of the grapes.
Each variety was manually harvested at its best maturing point, in small 15 kilos boxes.
The Viognier was fermented in new french oak barrels. After two days of cold maceration, the Tannat was fermented in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature.
After the blend was made, the wine was aged for nine months in new barrels of american and french oak. To preserve its qualities it was lightly filtered and bottled without stabilizing.

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Syrah Reserve 2008

Color rojo granate intenso con tonos violáceos. En el aroma se perciben frutos negros y especias, entre las que destaca la pimienta negra . En boca es un vino suave, texturado, redondo, agradable. Elegante estructura y final persistente en el que vuelven a aparecer los sabores especiados.


We obtained a low grape yield per hectare and thus achieve greater concentration of the grape.
The harvest is done manually and in boxes of 15 kg.
Once in the winery we made a pre fermentation cold maceration for two days, and then during fermentation was maintained at a controlled temperature, so as to preserve the fruit and floral aromas of Syrah.
Then, an aging in French oak barrels for one year until bottling.
Bottled preserving most of their qualities, so you can find natural sediments.

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